Thursday, January 06, 2005

First thing on my list

Surfing the Internet with MSIE (Microsoft internet explorer) is a sure fire way to gather a lot of malware. Now I assume that you don't want malware to get in your computer, I know that I don't want it. But I.E. is the favorite target of malware programmers. This is probably due to the fact that so many people use I.E.
malware: any program or code that is put on your computer without your permission .(these programs usually slow down your computer, change your homepage, report information about you to the creator, shut off virus/firewall programs, refuse to be uninstalled etc.

I believe that if you wanted this stuff in your computer, then you should be able to decide for yourself, not have it forced on you. Internet Explorer lets this stuff in. This is where we discuss alternatives to I.E.

I am a big fan of Firefox browser! As you can tell by the big link button on this site. Firefox is very simple to learn. If you are at all familiar with I.E., then you will have no problem with Firefox. You may also discover some things about Firefox that you love.

Tabbed browsing(opening many different sites in little tabs across the top of Firefox) this allows you to jump between many pages with out having to reload them all the time(awesome if you are on dial-up internet).

Search bar built right in so you don't have to add a Google tool bar or Yahoo tool bar. You save viewing space by not having these things in your browser window.

Easily imports your I.E. favorites to the Firefox bookmarks. (no lost links no headaches).

It's a small download so you won't spend 15 hours trying to get the program (unless you still use a 28.8 modem in which case you need to move to the year 2005)

more to follow...


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