Friday, March 04, 2005

Firefox update alert

For any of you out there that use Firefox browser...beware. The update from 1.0 to 1.0.1 may make all of your favorites disappear. By disappear I mean gone, never to return, c-ya, bye bye. You get the idea. This happened to my stepson Josh. He is not happy! He now refuses to use Firefox and I don't blame him. Firefox is quick to import your Internet Explorer favorites and settings, but does it import your Firefox bookmarks and passwords? I guess not in this case. It just deleted them in favor of installing a new profile. I have promoted Firefox for a year. Told everyone how good it was, how secure it was, how cool tabbed browsing was etc... But I didn't know they would have to be somewhat tech smart to do a simple upgrade. Josh is very smart. Who would expect to have to backup your settings if you were not told to on the main Firefox download screen. I now am afraid to update Firefox. So I'm updating it on another computer just to see what happens. "D"


Blogger Gaby de Wilde said...

I sugested to develop firefox by adressing the worse things first.

Gues what happend? I was banned for pointing my finger were it hurts most. They called me a TROLL and IP baned my isp but didn't write 1 word about the why part!

Keeping the bookmarks true the update does not belong on the end of the TO-DO list in my book! Bookmarks are by far the most important thing to keep?

Why they are all wrong:
Wrong web design

A gosip blog:

The firefox extensions I use:

Have fun and good luck with tha bloggin. :)

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