Saturday, February 04, 2006

Internet Explorer7 public beta

=============This is not a bash on IE7==============

I am a Mozilla user. Firefox has been my default browser for 1.5 years. There have been ups and downs, but I like the huge variety of options available with Firefox. Overall I have been extremely happy with Firefox.

Today, I have downloaded the Internet Explorer 7 beta to "test it out".

I was not surprised that I had to restart my computer after the install.

IE7 created some controversey with the spyware/malware protection programs installed on my machine. But after repeated clicks on "allow this action" everything settled down.

IE7 seamlessly imported my old favorites from IE6.

IE7 also seamlessly worked right away with Google tool bar.

For those of you with no experience using "Tabbed browsing" you may be at first confused.

Try this... Click your scroll wheel on a link in a webpage. This will open the page associated with that link, in a new tab. You will see this tab at the top of the screen right below the main IE7 bar. Click on this tab to view the new page you have opened. This feature makes website comparison much easier it also allows for much easier navigation.
For example: You want to copy and paste some information to your Blog to share with others. Now you don't have to jump around through 7 or 8 open windows to find the certain page you are looking for you just click through the tabs. Sound the same but once you get used to it, you will love it.

Stay tuned for more info about IE7 as I discover it


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