Friday, February 17, 2006

Getting rid of an Unwanted toolbar

Have you noticed an extra toolbar on your Internet Explorer? Have you wondered what it was for? Did you think someone else who uses the computer installed it?
Chances are that what that toolbar really is, is Spyware/Malware and it's causing you to see more pop-ups than usual. Not to mention it's slowing your computer down.

Get rid of it!

#1 Ask all of the users of the computer if they installed it and why or if they really need it.
#2 If no one knows or wants it...dump
#3 Try to uninstall it from an uninstaller located in the programs list (good programs have these).
#4 Try to uninstall it using the add/remove programs located in the control panel.

If these don't work...You will need to download and install a few programs to get rid of this "infection"

#1 Go to Lavasoft and download Adaware SE then install and run this program...sit back and relax until this program has run it's course. When it is finished you will be presented with a list of files it considers to be Spyware/Malware. Right click on this list somewhere and select "check all". Then select "fix problems" or "delete problems" or similar option to rid yourself of these infections. You may be required to reboot your computer afterward.

#2 Now go to Javacools software and download and install Spyware Guard. This blocks Spyware/Malware from entering your computer. (Doesn't stop everything)

If you are running MS windows XP sp2 Go to Step #3 if not Go to step #4

#3 Go to MS Anti-spyware an download this product and install it. This will automaticaly search for Spyware on your computer everyday and it will also block spyware.
#4 Go to Safer Networking and download Spybot SD. Install it and then run it. You will need to run this periodicaly as it doesn't have an auto run feature that we like.

#5 These programs are FREE but some of the developers do take donations so if it works for you send them a buck or two or click on the ads on their site.



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