Saturday, February 04, 2006

RSS in IE7

The RSS reader feature included in IE7 is very easy to use and enjoy. It may or may not include all the neat and/or trendy features included in other RSS readers, but it is user friendly.
When you find a site that contains regularly updated stories centered around topics you are interested in, RSS comes in real handy. What you do is you subscribe to the "feed" (Orange and white button near the home page button at the top) and then when you want to "browse" the headlines, you click on the "feed" located in the "favorites center" (circle star at far left) in IE7 then click on your "feed" and read. Now, remember you are only getting a headline and maybe two or three sentences of the first paragraph of the article.
This is all done so you can decide to read it before you actually load the site. Saving your time for more valuable things like solitaire or super breakout.
Stay tuned for more IE7 stuff as I discover it.


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