Sunday, February 05, 2006

IE 7 is worth a try!

==IE 7 is fast!==

The start-up time for IE 7 is fast compared to Firefox. I did a double take because it started up so fast. I don't know if this will change as the browser gets older but right now it's big plus!

The download size is under 12 MB which is almost unbelieveable for IE. This actually shocked me. I was expecting 20+MB. But 12MB is still roughly 3 times the size of Firefox.

I imagine there are about 10,000 Firefox vs. IE7 comparison articles out there and I'm sure there are some fanatics out there slamming one or the other. I don't believe that people want to hear all negative things about stuff. Positive information is alot better!

I sound like a wuss! Whatever!

I suggest you give IE 7 a try ane see for yourself and if you have any questions, i'll try and help if I can. Either post a comment or email me.


p.s. don't be alarmed with the beta status if you have problems, uninstall the program.
p.s.s. Be ALARMED there is no uninstall for this BETA ****Use Caution**** I guess.
or just go to TechEnclave for the uninstall information.


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