Sunday, February 19, 2006

Google talk/Gmail home made smily's

Just messing around with the new Gmail Google talk function and found out that if you type the old venerable smily :-) it spins upright so it is an actual smily face so to speak. The winking smily works also ;-) so does the frowning smily :-( but the winking, frowning smily does not. I would like to see how many other smily's and/or other simple emoticons work. If you find new ones please post them here and let everyone know. These only work if you are chatting through the Gmail interface. I haven't seen them in the Google talk pane yet.

I guess I was a bit slow. 2 days slow in fact. Thats ok though, I'm not in someones hip pocket for the 411. Thought I had a good one though.


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